Sovereigns of the Night is an upcoming zine featuring the characters of Genshin Impact as vampires.Do you dare join us as we uncover the secret nightlife of Teyvat?

STATUS: Creation period



Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Launch!Aug 12th
Interest check OpensAug 24th
Interest Check ClosesSept 14th
Interest check resultsSept 28th
Apps OpenOct 11th
Apps ClosedNov 18th
ResultsDecember 2nd
Check-in 1January 12th
Check-in 2February 5th
Check-in 3February 20th
Final submissionMarch 10th
Preorders openApril 1st
Preorders closeMay 10th
Production periodJune onwards


What is a zine?
A fanzine, or zine, is a term used to describe unofficial fanmade publications which usually contain written fiction and artworks. This zine is a collaborative project by multiple contributors.
What's the theme of this zine?
This zine theme is Genshin Impact characters living (well, kind of) as vampires.
It's this zine for profit or for charity?
This zine is for profit.
Will the zine be physical or digital?
Our main zine "Sovereigns of The Nigh" will be physical, our side zine "The Sovereign's Desires" (Ship focused, allows NSFW pieces) will most likely remain digital.
Will I be able to apply for more than one position?
You may! However, you will only be accepted for one of these.
Will ships be allowed?
Ships will be allowed in our side zine "The Sovereign's Desires".
Does my piece in the side zine need to be NSFW?
No, you can create a SFW piece too.
Can I submit NSFW samples?
What is a pinch hitter?
A pinch hitter is a person who is willing to be contacted after creation period started to cover for another contributor who had to step down from their role, they have the same requirements as the other contributor but less time to work on their piece.
Can I get in both zines?
We will try to accept contributors only for one zine each, however, all of them will be in the same server and will be able to look at updates from both, as well as getting the same compensation regardless of which zine they're a part of.
If you're interested in applying for both we encourage you to do so.
What location will the zine be shipped from?
Hong Kong
Are there any requirements for applying as a contributor?
You can check our guidelines here
Will artists and writers be allowed to collaborate?
Of course! We will set up a channel for this on our discord.
Where will communications happen?
All contributors are expected to submit information and check-ins via the Discord server.

You can find our apps in the links below, don't forget to take a look at our guidelines if you have any doubts.